Drug policy

Why can’t we have this conversation in Australian


Place matters

This teacher is spot on and he is also a good poet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saREW_BfxwY

The place where we live does has a profound impact on our our health and well-being. There is overwhelming evidence that fast food companies target low socioeconomic areas, and these same areas, as the poet/teacher explains in this video also will often have no or fewer stores selling healthy foods, basic foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

The gambling industry is another that targets low socioeconomic areas with more pokies more betting outlets, which leaks the money out of these already impoverished less educated families. Governments can do more and should do more. Councils need to be able to hear the voice of the people. We need to hold our politicians accountable to the majority and not the upper 10-20% of wealthy citizens. Don’t give up hope and scream louder and louder when the government shafts those with a lesser voice.